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Field Staff Renewal

Staff Renewal Form

Thank you for being a part of the Fourth Arrow, Final Rest, and Wyndscent family! In order to use your discount codes this year, we require that you renew your staff position. Renewing is as simple as filling out the below form. Renewing will renew your membership starting now and ending March of 2024.

Staff Responsibilities Reminder

1. Contractors are required to make an original Social Media post regarding Fourth Arrow/Final Rest/Wyndscent and/or its products a minimum of 12 times per year.

2. Contractors must share a minimum of 2 posts per month from either Fourth Arrow/Final Rest/Wyndscent Social Media page or another team member's page.

3. Contractors must participate in all “share the post” contests posted on the Fourth Arrow/Final Rest/Wyndscent Social Media pages.

Show us how awesome you've been doing promoting our brands. Upload 2 screen shots or pics of your recent posts or shares promoting our brands.

NOTE: If this form isn't working for you, email the pics to joe.coy@fourtharrow.com.